The Power of Tai Chi
The Power Of Tai Chi

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The Power of Tai Chi c/o Harold Pruitt 1746 N 2330 W  St. George, UT  84770
Welcome to The Power of Tai Chi

Tai Chi is simple and easy to do, yet benefits

us on many deep and complex levels. Tai Chi’s slow, relaxed movements incorporate breathing and relaxation techniques that cleanse our mind, body, and emotions each time we go through the gentle movements.

Calm Your Mind
                        Heal Your Body
                                               Enlighten Your Spirit 
Continued Outdoor classes

Some of Harold’s classes are outdoors in the parks or maybe at the library’s.  Check his weekly schedule to find a class suited for you.

Weekly Schedule

Book a group to enjoy Tai Chi & Qi Gong in the beautiful Snow Canyon State Park near St. George, UT.

Tai Chi in Snow Canyon
For Booking Tai Chi & Qi Gong Relaxes the Mind, Body & Our Lives

  Just as we flow through the changes of life our life energy, or Qi, flows through us. Qi is the energy of life and flows through all living things. Qi animates, heals, and nurtures life. When the stress of change makes us tense, we squeeze off the flow of life energy.   

  Physically, this feels like tension. Tai Chi and Qi Gong are easy, simple, yet sophisticated relaxation exercises that encourage the muscles to let go of tension, the mind to let go of worry, and the heart to let go of angst. Tension, worry, and angst all block our Qi flow.